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We are celebrating the opening of JAM MUSIC LAB UNIVERSITY

The evening was hosted by the MICKYLEE Band featuring Chanda Rule and the band "farbTVkollektiv".


With the voice of Elena Shirin the farbTVkollektiv takes you on a journey through

Elena Shirin – Vocals
Gabriel Morares – Guitar
Michael Naphegyi – Drums
Tobias Pöcksteiner - Bass

MICKYLEE Band featuring Chanda Rule 

Guitar virtuoso MICKYLEE joins forces with New York based singer Chanda Rule to thrill and touch the audience.

Chanda Rule – Vocals
Andy Göschl - Drums
Wener Laher – Bass


2 are better than 1 - unter diesem Motto gibts zur Uni-Gründung der JAM MUSIC LAB UNIVERSITY auch einen 2. Party Teil! Music by: Rocki3, Leelah Sky, Visar Kasa, Verena Berg, Marielle Zaiser uvm. Und danach: COME & JAM TOGETHER!

October 11th, 2017
Student Life