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JML Collective Ensemle selected for EYE2018

One of our teachers, Angelo Tatone, came up with this project which will be sponsored by the European Parliament. ...

Wiener Ball der Wissenschaften

Das JAM MUSIC LAB ist Partner und Mitglied des Ehrenkomitees des Wiener Ball der Wissenschaften

Der Wissenschaftsball repräsentiert die Wiener Forschungslandschaft in ihrer Exzellenz und Vielfalt. ...

Advent Punsch

JAM MUSIC LAB Advent Punsch

We had a really great time at the JAM Advent punch! But this was just Chapter one – Chapter two is coming soon. ...
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New Viennese School of Music

New Viennese School of Music - new studies in classical music and performing arts

Our cooperation partner, New Viennese School of Music, offers new studies in classical music and performing arts. ...

Superfly Logo

Radio Superfly und JAM MUSIC LAB produzieren eine gemeinsame Radio Sendung

Student Life
Workshop - Thomas Gansch

Workshop with Thomas Gansch - Let me help you become the best player you can be

In February 2018 Thomas Gansch will start to teach trumpet at JAM MUSIC LAB.  ...
Jeff Levenson

Lecture with Jeff Levenson - Connecting the Dots: The Business of Jazz

CONNECTING THE DOTS: THE BUSINESS OF JAZZ - a view of the professional landscape beyond graduation ...
Lectures & Research
John Beasley Workshop

Lecture / Workshop with John Beasley: Re-imagining Thelonious Monk’s Compositions

Re-imagining Thelonious Monk’s Compositions on his Centennial ...
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Gernot Wolfgang

Orchestration in Hollywood – The Workflow

Workshop with composer Gernot Wolfgang, Grammy nominee 2016. ...

JAM Music Lab Session

Georg Luksch - Music and Personal Identity

Research LAB: Music and Personal Identity

Laboratory for Music Research und Studio Praktikum mit Georg Luksch ...
Lectures & Research
Klaus Wienerroither

JAM RADIO LAB mit Klaus Wienerroither

Laboratory for Music Research und Studio Praktikum ...
Lectures & Research
Paul Urbanek

Research LAB: Joe Zawinul - Die rhythmische Globalisierung des neuen Jahrtausends

Laboratory for Music Research Composition / Improvisation mit Paul Urbanek ...
Lectures & Research
 the opening of the JAM MUSIC LAB UNIVERSITY

We are celebrating the opening of JAM MUSIC LAB UNIVERSITY

The evening was hosted by the MICKYLEE Band featuring Chanda Rule and the band "farbTVkollektiv". ...
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Interview Larry Appelbaum

Jazz historian Larry Appelbaum interviews Marcus Ratka

In May 2017, Larry Appelbaum, American jazz scholar, critic, broadcaster and Senior Music Specialist at the Library of Congress, and Marcus Ratka, ...

Thomas Gansch Trumpet

Study Trumpet at JAM MUSIC LAB

Trumpet classes with Thomas Gansch, Daniel Nösig and Aneel Soomary. ...

Noa Bengur

The Start Up Band

Research LAB and Internship (Berufspraktikum) Music/Media Music with Guest Lecturer Noa Bengur ...
Lectures & Research
Tage der neuen Musik 2017

Tage der neuen Musik 2017

Im Rahmen der „Tage der neuen Musik“ findet am 27. Okt. 2017 an der Privat-Universität JAM MUSIC LAB ein Symposium zum Thema KLANG-SPIELE statt. ...
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